The technological module of drilling parameters control

TM FREGAT-2 – the service drilling control module – is intended for the automated collection and handling of the information processing acquired during the oil-and-gas well drilling.

TM FREGAT-2 service module ensures:
monitoring and displaying the main parameters (weight on the grapple, bit load, inlet drilling mud pressure, bottomhole)
identification and monitoring operations (drilling, flushing, tripping and etc.)
handling and compilation of a borehole database; autonomous browsing of the stored data

TM FREGAT-2 is a mash net device with smart sensors for data collection.

Operating temperature, оС


Supply voltage sensors,

V 24±10%

Consumed power, W,

max 12

Network Interface:

CAN ver. 2.0В

Data transfer rate, bps


Distance of communication channels, m


Period sensors, s


TM FREGAT-2 is compatible with the software of BTS and ABTS-EM wireless telemetry system.
The physical medium of data transmission is a monochannel defined by the first and second CAN level specification interface 2.0B.
CAN net operation is controlled by FREGAT-3 software, installed on the PC. The software processes the data collected by the sensors and interprets it as a relevant process variable.
CAN net sensors are powered from the CAN interface adapter (ACAN) which also functions as the data receiver and transmitter from CAN net through USB to the PC.
Data are displaying on the monitor at the driller’s workstation, that significantly rises the efficiency of the drilling control.