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CAN Adapter

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      Can interface adaptor (ACAN) is designed to connect Technological module for monitoring drilling parameters “Fregat-2” with a PC.
       (ACAN) connects USB and CAN interfaces of a PC and “Fregat-2”; also it generates DC current +24V for distant power supply of TM “Fregat-2” sensors.



Technical specifications:

Operational temperature range

+5oC ─ + 40oC

Outer dimensions (not more than)

170mm x 120mm x 55mm

Weight (not more than)

0.5 kg


USB interface specifications:

Standard, version


PC USB port power supply






Uninterruptable distant power supply characteristics:     

Input current

24V – 1%/+10%

Galvanic cross coupling 24V


Maximum permissible current load (not more than)


Power supply

220V+40/-60V, 50Hz

Galvanic cross coupling 220V